We encourage general practitioners to carry out quality endodontic treatment themselves, but our services are available for any cases which may be challenging.

In cases where you may wish to carry out the treatment but would like some advice, we would be happy to talk over the phone or via e-mails. A radiograph and clinical notes will be helpful for the discussion. 

If you need an opinion, such as in difficult diagnoses or cases with a poor prognosis, we will see the patient for an initial consultation. We will discuss treatment options with the patient and advise you of the outcome.

Cases that you may not wish to treat at your own practice can be referred on for treatment, either by using the referral pad sent to you or by means of a referral letter.

In emergency cases, such as pain, swelling or trauma we aim to be available to examine and treat patients on the same day or within 24 hours. 

We will send you a report on completion of treatment, and after any subsequent review visits. The coronal restoration will be done according to your request in the referral form/letter. All patients will be referred back to you for any indirect coronal restorations. 

An after-hours telephone number and an e-mail address is provided to you and all our patients.

Please feel free to contact us or visit us in our practice. We believe in a team approach through communication to provide the best possible outcome for each patient.